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As of 25 July, archery in England will officially be in Phase 2 of Archery GB’s phased approach to returning to the sport.

Full information can be found at the following link. Above all, Stay Safe.

Returnng To Archery

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A sport for all

Lining Up Archery is one of the oldest sports in the world yet it remains one of the most universal and inclusive. Age, gender and physical ability does not present a barrier to enjoying the sport and our membership reflects this.

People take up archery for different reasons. Some like to compete and test their skills against other archers at local, regional, national and international events. Others simply enjoy the social aspect of shooting Junior Membersalongside friends and fellow members and find it a relaxing pastime. 

Come along

At Chorley Bowmen we welcome both experienced and novice archers.

If you shoot regularly, are returning to archery after a period away from the sport, or if you are a beginner or somebody who simply wants to know a little more about archery, then please get in touch or come along to see us.


Beginner's CoursesDog Case Our coaches deliver beginner's courses throughout the year. Click on the 'Beginners' link in the menu on the left for more information and be sure to check the notice board for regular updates.

We look forward to meeting you.