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As of 25 July, archery in England will officially be in Phase 2 of Archery GB’s phased approach to returning to the sport.

Points to note:

-Keys to the hut. Not everyone has a key to get in, Eddie has kindly agreed to be at the first couple of sessions to give you a key if you need one. We only have half a dozen and of course currently can't get any more cut. Hopefully the half a dozen will be enough for now.

-Bosses must be 5m apart. 

-You must shoot on your own boss (or with members of your own household) NO SHARING. 

-Two people must get a boss out and use appropriate PPE.  

-Use material gloves to put up faces and pull arrows. Please bring your own gloves. 

-You must use your own face and pins. There will be a supply of these at the hut when you go the first time. Take home what you use on that occasion and bring it back for you to use on subsequent visits. 

-Arrive with your kit as assembled as is feasibly possible. When you have finished, pack up immediately and leave. No socialising. 

-You can shoot for one hour, this is to ensure everyone gets a chance to shoot. PUT YOUR BOSS AWAY WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED. 

-If you arrive and there is not room for you to shoot you must remain in your car until there is.

-You must shoot at a distance close enough for you to NOT MISS. This is very important as there will NOT be a facility for arrow hunting. 

-There will be hand sanitiser in the hut and on bosses. Use this frequently. (Also, please bring and use your own hand sanister too! I'm sure we're all carrying it round nowadays anyway)

-The toilet must not be used except in an emergency. 

-We have a booking system in place -  this is the link It can also be found on the website. If people don't have Internet access etc then please use common sense, try and call other members and find out if they can book you a spot. Any member can book you a spot.
Use Facebook/WhatsApp Club chat to communicate with each other.


You can reserve a lane at our online booking form.

 The latest information from Archery GB can be found here.